what we do

plateau marketing provides definitive direction to problematic projects over a fixed duration (4-6 week period) for a fixed cost;  these projects utilize our unique ability to marry data, systems, and available resources with marketing and management initiatives

we are not an IT vendor, software reseller, or help desk... we are an independent management and marketing consulting organization that crafts and build solutions, identifying the human and technical resources needed to achieve the desired outcome

our job is to help you identify the solution you need and help you get the work started;  we do not sell you a solution built around a product we represent;  if you need a partner or product, we have a trusted network of partners across business disciplines and will provide referrals if needed

in response to COVID-19, we will continue to engage in short-term hourly-based projects and limited GoldMine support over the next few months as we transition to twist management logistics

COVID-19 response planning

transitioning to remote workplaces and business support in responding to sudden increase/decrease in business

infrastructure and next-step planning

review your choice and use of existing software tools and solutions in the course of planning for future needs

e-mail and social marketing initiatives

incorporating useful and successful e-mail marketing;  finding, addressing, and resolving the common mistakes; making social relevant  

SQL dba services

database design, resource/disaster recovery planning, performance assessment and resolution, trigger/procedure/function development

executive initiatives

site & market analysis and selection, data analysis and reporting, customer & prospect modeling, competitive analysis

other services

please schedule a call to discuss any service not listed here

current GoldMine™ support...

GoldMine™ sales, support, and integration services are provided on a limited basis at this time;  legacy GoldMine™ software and service customers are encouraged to contact us so that we may help you transition by June 30, 2020 to an appropriate partner based upon your needs and our relationship; there is a relationship call, not a sales call or service time, to discuss your specifics;  the link below is dedicated to scheduling this transition discussion

simply schedule to engage in a call or service

all calls and services may and must be scheduled below; we will not necessarily respond to e-mail requests outside of this booking portal

twist management logistics

plateau marketing will become twist management logistics in 2020 

the twist website will be up soon, further detailing our consulting offering;  once our transtion to twist is complete, we will no longer provide product sales or hourly services   

about joe

visit joe's linkedin profile for a summary of past projects he has performed as a consultant

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Joseph C. Slagle
dba plateau marketing
about plateau marketing

Joseph C. Slagle dba Plateau Marketing is the formal business entity under which Joe Slagle provides consulting services

unattended support

provides access to your servers and workstations

on-demand support

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