consulting modeled on 16 years of empirical data quantifying personal, project, and client success

"a consultant is only as good as his last project."

Nick Havill, President of Havill Consultants
definitive direction for problematic projects.  repurpose data, systems, and resources.  achieve marketing & management initiatives.

the most challenging initiatives were outlined to me in a few simple statements on a whiteboard, yet baffled the intelligent minds presenting them.

"it seems like it should be simple." - it could be

"if only we... " - you can.

Joe's simple solution to consolidate sales-tracking databases for 3 regional offices to eliminate cumbersome month-end manual work became the spine of an information infrastructure that supported our growth from 5 to 128 employees across 5 offices during our 12-year relationship with him.  The foundation remained as people and products changed .

Roy Burgoon,  Managing Partner - Talus Brokerage
repurpose your resources

initiatives defined solely by metrics and roi are often short-sighted. my two most successful clients grew their employee base 500% before selling. every project included value to the employees.   

reconnect your resources

the systems and data you are trying to utilize, and your vendors, are your holy grail and albatross. someone has tunnel vision or is impeding the process.    

redirect your resources

your internal talent needs to own initiatives, not vendors.  there is a tendency to take a good vendor beyond their expertise to the detriment of everyone.

schedule an hourly engagement

hourly engagements are reserved for past clients. 

hourly rate:  $285
minimum: $150 

schedule a project evaluation

i only evaluate each project opportunity one time and i only work on one project at a time.  please be prepared to engage before scheduling a call.    project durations are fixed from 2 to 12 weeks.

some availability now, next full-time availability on jan 3, 2022

minimum engagment:  2-3 weeks / $3,000